Sunday, September 4

Two New Blogs

I have found two new blogs.  They have caused havoc on my afternoon. 

The first is Not Without Salt.
 I found it through a television ad of all things.  I think it was for a dish washing liquid, but the woman in the ad held my attention when she mentioned she blogged and took photos of her food.  I've enjoyed reading through her recipes and the photographs both.  One might think it was simple, but have you ever tried to photograph food?  Give it a go.  You might find a new appreciation. 

The second blog, In Jennie's Kitchen, has been a bit of an emotional whirlwind. This blog was linked to through Not Without Salt, and even though it was prefaced with the news that Jennie's husband had recently passed, I wasn't prepared for the the candor she wrote about some of her recent moments with her children, her self, and her husband too. 

I haven't read of how he died, but I know it was sudden.  Hours before, she shares, that they had talked of "trying for the boy," for the son that I presume was wished for after two daughters. 

Yesterday I witnessed a wonderful wedding of my two radiant friends. Last weekend I was shown a wealth of love by being welcomed into a new family.  And also, my friends, traveling sister, and far-away best friend treated me with a baby shower for a child, due in only 8 short weeks, who has already changed my world. 

I've been working on letters this morning, and then tearing apart the hand-me-down stroller and seats so I can wash all of their parts - my living room, which was cleaned fresh and sparkly yesterday, is now covered in drying child things and paper scraps.  The baked shells are ready to go in the oven when Dan wakes from his nap. 

This is life right now.  And maybe in a few hours, someone could be ripped away.

I didn't ever think  a dish washing detergent commercial could remind me that time is not a thing to take for granted.

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