Saturday, April 30

Stuff in the House

I love this blue couch! (seen here). Straight lines, bright color, sturdy material. I have a wicker couch I love, but when I see this It makes me want more color in my house. I've been looking at the house a lot lately. With the baby coming I see everything in it as treacherous. I have to implement any change slowly. Dan and I have differ most in our approach to stuff - he likes to keep it, I like to get rid of it. But I have a plan. While Dan is taking his barbri classes, I'll have my opportunity to get the bellows of the house cleared out and moved around. Change is easier if he doesn't see it in progress - just the conclusion.

My parents are traveling to Illinois soon to celebrate my brother and his wife's graduations. Two PhDs! Woohoo! With all of the excitement, I've been looking around the house just wishing I could get rid of half of the stuff that is there. It feels crowded already, and there isn't anyone here visiting yet! Friends! If you are planning a yard sale let me know!

And just as I saw I want to get rid of stuff, the other half of me is thinking about all of the stuff that will soon be added to my life. Car seats, kids clothes, bottles, diapers. It has to go somewhere. After Graduation, Miah and Jessie are moving the family to Boston and we're planning a baby-gear handoff. I'm sure there will be photos.

Here is come cuteness to end the day: rabbits! (Seen Here) Baby stuff is just sometimes too overwhelmingly cute. It blows my mind.

Friday, April 29

Chicago venues

Dan and I are up in Chicago this weekend visiting the family and looking around at a few places where we might like to have our wedding. One down, two more to go.

Tonight we also got to talk with his parents about guests lists, fun old stories, and air out whims and ideas about wedding stuff. I'm still very relaxed about wedding ideas and plans, but after talking with Linda and Gus tonight, I feel very thankful that I can ask them just about anything about the wedding and they will have some idea of how to or who can help. I admitted that my fault in wedding planning won't be that I'll freak out over "the timing of the doves being released," as was an example that Gus suggested (no we aren't releasing doves), but instead that I won't think about the things that I probably should be thinking about.

Any help is welcome, any suggestion is up for consideration.

Dan and I agree that as long as our friends and family come, there is something to eat, something to drink, and music to dance to, all will be fine. We don't need a lot to make it a memorable night. I'm sure some of the toasts that will be said will take care of at least a bit of the entertainment!

I threw out the ides of having a Dinosaur themed wedding a while back, and I'm still a fan of the "Rawr means I love you in dinosaur" pins I found on Etsy, but I doubt that will actually be the theme. However, I'm sure what we have will be equally awesome.

Tuesday, April 12

Alaska Jane Pint Sized


Don't think I've forgotten about this little space I have here. Things have just been so crazy - or at least I feel like they have been crazy.

To wrap up from my last post, training for my new job has come and gone, and unfortunately, I didn't learn that much. I feel a bit guilty about having three days time be put out there, only to find out that could have gotten most of the new info covered in a 30 minute phone call. However, one great thing came out of it, which was meeting up with an old friend from high school.
My friend Aaron is getting his master's from Notre Dame, which happened to be just a few miles from my hotel. Awesome! He showed me around the campus and his labs, I got to meet his girl friend, and we ended with a nice long dinner and non-stop talking. I saw him briefly in 2008, when he came into a restaurant I was running, but he was there with my ex-husband, so wasn't really a "oh let's catch up!" moment. So. Yay for friends!

And some other news to share. I am pregnant! One of the reason's I haven't been writing much is that I haven't had much energy to write. And when I do feel like writing, it's about how horrible I feel because I'm pregnant, which wasn't public knowledge! So, now that mystery is solved.

I started a blog for things baby related (Alaska Jane Pint Sized), so if you want to see what that's all about you can read it HERE . If you want to start at the beginning of the blog, you can start HERE. If you could care less about all of that mushy stuff, you are welcome to keep on keepin' on just like you have been.

But, I will say that I'm feeling much better.

Sunday, April 3


I've been at my new job for a month now, and I don't think I've even told you what it is! Well, I'm still not going to tell you what it is, but I am finally leaving for training for a few days. I'll be leaving BloNo in a day of warm thunderstorms and wind to drive about 4 hours north. Three nights in a hotel and three days doing role playing and question asking (at least that what I image will occur) and I'll be back at home.

Hopefully the cats haven't gone into rebellion.
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