Monday, August 18

Ariel the Birth Doula

I have made a 180 in my career path.  From working with schools to supply books and planning fun author events, to now helping women be confident when birthing babies into the world. 

I am a birth doula. 

I am located on Chicago's South Side, serving Hyde Park and surrounding areas within a 45 minute travel time, and I love encouraging women to bring about the birth they want. 

That might mean educating a woman about her body so she understands what takes place in birth.  It might mean supplying information and resources so a woman can prepare herself to make the decisions needed in birth and after.  It may mean talking about fears and expectations so they don't rob her and her partner of the joy that birth can bring. 

Sometimes I am massaging, soothing, and encouraging for hours at a time.  Sometimes I am holding limbs, hair, or fans.  Sometimes I'm showing a partner where to rub, how to touch, or when to just be still and calm. 

Birth is raw.  If you are trying to birth naturally, or have a scheduled cesarean, or are attempting a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), having a doula will greatly improve the likelihood that you will have the experience you desire.  And, should the need arise, having a doula will help you prepare for making the decisions you hoped you wouldn't have to make. 

If you would like to learn more about me and my services, feel free to visit A Swift Doula

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