Wednesday, April 28

Business renters

I think I have a lead on a renter! It's been since the middle of February since I've had anyone in my place in Bloomington, and I was starting to get discouraged. Just when I was starting to talk with a friend about her possibly moving in (with a "something is better than nothing" mantra running through my head), I got an email from Simon.

Simon works for a company that is doing work at the wind mill farms off of Rt. 9. He and some men are staying through October before going back to the UK. Currently, we're in the the fact finding stage: setting up a time to see the place, getting documents sent from his company so they can pay me, determining how long the lease would be for. He is hoping to move out of a hotel and get settled for his time here.

I was hopping off the walls at work after I chatted with him on my lunch break! Not only will it be rented, but if he likes what he sees, I won't have to worry about the legitimacy of a person - there is a business backing him up!

It's not official yet, but here's hopin'!

Sunday, April 25

More Stieg Larsson is a good thing.

A present came for me in the mail last Tuesday that made my whole week. The third book by Steig Larsson arrived from Linda. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest hasn't been released in the US yet, but Linda happens to have a friend across the pond that was happy to loan out her copy! This book/series is quite a read. The lead female character is unlike any I've read before. Lisbeth Salander is a wisp of a person (physically) but has skills and a stoicism that is both scary and inspiring. I won't go into plot lines, but if you are interested in some great crime novels, the first two are The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and The Girl Who Played With Fire.

(found here)

And so now, happy Sunday.

I started my day with the kitties getting into trouble. Knocking things off the counter on their wild laps around the house, all before the sun was up. Luckily there was just enough coffee left to make a pot for today. Whew!

We've had glorious thunder storms all weekend here in C-dale. Wind and downpours without any sprinkle of warning. Dan got soaked coming back in from changing the laundry, and it was only a few minutes and maybe 15 yards away!

I'm sewing bags and pockets, and altering dresses and skirts I picked up at Good Will. The more I get to using my sewing machine, the more I want to try. It's a rewarding/ongoing cycle.

Enjoy the day!

Sunday, April 18

Sunday: Socks, Shadow art

I like socks. I found another site today called Happy Socks (via Fine Little Day). Those red and white striped ones are wonderful! It will be a while before it's long sock weather again.

Another fun thing that came to my attention is something called Kitteh Roulette. With Comma coming to live with Dan and I in May, and the box of kittens at yesterday's farmer's market, I've got cats on the brain. Be warned if you click the link above, there are videos of silly and cute things there.

Another great Sunday find is artist Kumi Yamashita. (via Marvelous Kiddo)

Saturday, April 17

Flying to Spokane! Comma moving to Carbondale!

I bought tickets! I am so excited to see my family I'm about to burst! My brother Josh is coming back from Japan the same day, so we'll have all week together. Ciara will be coming out for the first half of the week, along with Comma (probably), and I might be meeting Krista (Josh's fiance, who is also returning from Japan) for the first time as well. The dates are May 15th-22nd. Yessssssss.

I spoke with C this morning about some concerns with Comma, and we came to an understanding. Our home here in Carbondale will be expanding by one, as a new cat will join us. It's sad that Comma won't be going to Turkey with Ciara and Adam, and it may be crazy for the next two years while they are gone, but I'm looking forward to having a furry reminder of my sister walking around the house and keeping Baxter and Kodak in line. Although Comma doesn't have any claws, she has the personality to whip the boys in shape. Yay! Kitties!

Friday, April 16

What a great beginning to my weekend.

I just put my new CD in my head phones and am taking a whiff of the rain that just started coming down. Dan is snoring in the next room and Kodak is stretched out in the open window.

The CD I got was Chris Pureka's newest, How I Learned To See in the Dark.

This is from her second album, but this is her. I think she's a great songwriter.

There was nothing wrong with this week, but for some reason I'm so happy it's over. I'm losing patience, but couldn't tell you why, and I'm frustrated, but it is more of a giant brain mush. I'm having trouble with my attention being held for longer than 20 minutes. What's the deal?

Wednesday, April 14

88 degrees!

The Bank of Carbondale said it was 88 degrees today when I got off work. My steering wheel was too hot to hold. My knees were sweating.

I stopped off at the Murdale hardware store and bought this wonderful lemon yellow watering can. This is the first place I've lived where my outside planting need to be watered from a spigot inside the house. I don't have the balance necessary to carry bowls of water back and forth outside the door. And isn't it cute? It is so happy and welcoming!

This is the finished apron I've made for one of my customers. I love how it's turned out. The stitching (although you can't see it) is very fun and colorful, and I played with a multi-use pocket instead of a single, smaller one. There's places for pens! I also made the neck strap adjustable. Dan suggested adding loops for all sorts of utensils, sort of kitchen utility belt style, but I didn't think a commissioned apron was the one to try spoon holsters on. I offered to make him one with any type of holder he would want, but he declined the offer. : )

Today at work my mind was happy to imagine my future coffee shop. I am frustrated with myself for not having something started (other than ideas, notes, and a swollen dream) and realized (again) that sometimes it's best to just do it. Do it and learn what I need to learn as I go. So I'm thinking about ways to reduce start up costs. Anyone want to help me convert a van to a mobile coffee haven?

I'm going to go enjoy the rest of "Spring" before the humidity shows up.

Saturday, April 10

baking pie and flying to Spokane

I just got back from the store with the makings for pie and cookies. Dan and I went to the farmers market again today, but because I'm a sick puppy, we got there late and the selection was between a pecan pie and carrot cake. I'm sure they would be delicious, but Dan buttered me up, saying my pecan pies were most definitely better, and now I'm making him a pie. And since the oven will be on, I might as well make ginger molasses cookies too.

The apron I made for Maria is getting a lot of attention at CG. A customer came in last week asking for one in "these colors," as she held up her bag of pinks and blues. I got the last of the fabrics today for it, and they're getting washed up. I hope she likes it.

In the next few weeks school will be finishing up and the hot weather will roll in. In May sometime I'll be flying to Spokane to see the fam - Josh will be getting back from Japan and Ciara will still be here before moving to Turkey. There is a chance Miah and Jessie will be there for Miah's high school reunion, so I'm trying to get the dates coordinated for us to be there together.

Saturday, April 3

Date Night!

Dan and I don't go out very often. We are happy to be at home, however, it's good to get out when the mood strikes us. So we did, and it was great. We watched a matinee of Alice in Wonderland and ate at Thai Taste after. Yay and yum.

The movie was wonderful! The images, colors, imagination - all of it was a treat to watch. Dan was happy that the characters were balanced; the big name artists didn't drown out the smaller. Thai food is always good, and there are left overs!

This morning Dan and I walked to the Farmers Market, the first one of the year down by the Murdale post office. It was small, as to be expected this early, but everyone was chatty and happy to be outside. Jam, jewelry, meat, bird houses, and plants. Dan expected to bring home something from The Baker, and there is now a rhubarb kuchen sitting on the counter.

The windows are all open and Kodak is meowing to go outside. My seeds are sprouting, and flowers from past renters have started to show as well. It's a nice Spring day in Carbondale. This afternoon I've decided to sew a little something.
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