Wednesday, April 14

88 degrees!

The Bank of Carbondale said it was 88 degrees today when I got off work. My steering wheel was too hot to hold. My knees were sweating.

I stopped off at the Murdale hardware store and bought this wonderful lemon yellow watering can. This is the first place I've lived where my outside planting need to be watered from a spigot inside the house. I don't have the balance necessary to carry bowls of water back and forth outside the door. And isn't it cute? It is so happy and welcoming!

This is the finished apron I've made for one of my customers. I love how it's turned out. The stitching (although you can't see it) is very fun and colorful, and I played with a multi-use pocket instead of a single, smaller one. There's places for pens! I also made the neck strap adjustable. Dan suggested adding loops for all sorts of utensils, sort of kitchen utility belt style, but I didn't think a commissioned apron was the one to try spoon holsters on. I offered to make him one with any type of holder he would want, but he declined the offer. : )

Today at work my mind was happy to imagine my future coffee shop. I am frustrated with myself for not having something started (other than ideas, notes, and a swollen dream) and realized (again) that sometimes it's best to just do it. Do it and learn what I need to learn as I go. So I'm thinking about ways to reduce start up costs. Anyone want to help me convert a van to a mobile coffee haven?

I'm going to go enjoy the rest of "Spring" before the humidity shows up.

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  1. This is freaking beautiful! I love everything about it, but particularly the yellow flower print. Your happy water can is like my happy water can (mine's red of course). You are right about lacking balance to use a bowl... that's just too many trips as well.


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