Saturday, April 17

Flying to Spokane! Comma moving to Carbondale!

I bought tickets! I am so excited to see my family I'm about to burst! My brother Josh is coming back from Japan the same day, so we'll have all week together. Ciara will be coming out for the first half of the week, along with Comma (probably), and I might be meeting Krista (Josh's fiance, who is also returning from Japan) for the first time as well. The dates are May 15th-22nd. Yessssssss.

I spoke with C this morning about some concerns with Comma, and we came to an understanding. Our home here in Carbondale will be expanding by one, as a new cat will join us. It's sad that Comma won't be going to Turkey with Ciara and Adam, and it may be crazy for the next two years while they are gone, but I'm looking forward to having a furry reminder of my sister walking around the house and keeping Baxter and Kodak in line. Although Comma doesn't have any claws, she has the personality to whip the boys in shape. Yay! Kitties!

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