Wednesday, April 28

Business renters

I think I have a lead on a renter! It's been since the middle of February since I've had anyone in my place in Bloomington, and I was starting to get discouraged. Just when I was starting to talk with a friend about her possibly moving in (with a "something is better than nothing" mantra running through my head), I got an email from Simon.

Simon works for a company that is doing work at the wind mill farms off of Rt. 9. He and some men are staying through October before going back to the UK. Currently, we're in the the fact finding stage: setting up a time to see the place, getting documents sent from his company so they can pay me, determining how long the lease would be for. He is hoping to move out of a hotel and get settled for his time here.

I was hopping off the walls at work after I chatted with him on my lunch break! Not only will it be rented, but if he likes what he sees, I won't have to worry about the legitimacy of a person - there is a business backing him up!

It's not official yet, but here's hopin'!

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