Monday, September 17

Behind the brother!

My brother has one of those job when you tell someone about it, they ooh and ahh and wish they could do something so adventurous.  He has been working with traveling shows around the world for the last, oh, 4 plus years, - sometimes living on tour buses, sometimes short stays in hotels.  He lives out of a suitcase.  He wears all black clothes.  He knows some serious skills both in carpentry and in rigging, and he's so good, he was just hired at a show in Las Vegas called La Reve.

That's right. He will work on keeping all those crazy-good acrobats airborne and safe. How great does this show look?!  So yay for my Bro and his new gig, and yay for not having to live out of a suitcase any longer :)

Sunday, September 2

A Comic for Comma

Dan and I have been caring for my sister's cat for the past two years while she teaches abroad in Turkey.  Comma came with all sorts of new things that took a bit of getting used to: a climbing tree, bath wash, 6 or 7 different types of brushes, a snazzy collar, and lady cat smells.  My boys, Baxter and Kodak, didn't really know what to make of her. 

Comma is a bit of a loner.  While my boys are more likely to be found on the back of the couch or in the middle of the bed sleeping, Comma would squeeze on to a bit of shelf above the washer and dryer, or scamper to the top of my pile of fabric.  She doesn't rough house or chase the ball around her track/scratch mat, but she was an ace with the lazer pointer, and will shed her shy disposition when ever it made an appearance.

Some changes have happened over this last year.  My sister and her husband are thinking ahead for what will be best for their combined futures abroad.  They made the hard decision to be apart for the next 18 months so Adam can equip himself with a teaching certificate, allowing more placement options and less boredom.

When Ciara flew back to Turkey this past August, instead of flying with her husband, she took her furry family instead.  Comma is back with her human, and we are back to a two cat household. 

I forget where I came across these post cards, but in cleaning out a pile today, I found one that make me think Comma.  
By: Jeffrey Brown
Comma loves to sit on the highest furniture possible, which is the kitchen counter in my house.  The above illustration is her idea of playing. 

We miss Comma, but if you'll recall from previous posts, I'm a huge proponent of feline adventures.  I'm sure she is happily soaking up some Turkish sunshine. 
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