Saturday, April 10

baking pie and flying to Spokane

I just got back from the store with the makings for pie and cookies. Dan and I went to the farmers market again today, but because I'm a sick puppy, we got there late and the selection was between a pecan pie and carrot cake. I'm sure they would be delicious, but Dan buttered me up, saying my pecan pies were most definitely better, and now I'm making him a pie. And since the oven will be on, I might as well make ginger molasses cookies too.

The apron I made for Maria is getting a lot of attention at CG. A customer came in last week asking for one in "these colors," as she held up her bag of pinks and blues. I got the last of the fabrics today for it, and they're getting washed up. I hope she likes it.

In the next few weeks school will be finishing up and the hot weather will roll in. In May sometime I'll be flying to Spokane to see the fam - Josh will be getting back from Japan and Ciara will still be here before moving to Turkey. There is a chance Miah and Jessie will be there for Miah's high school reunion, so I'm trying to get the dates coordinated for us to be there together.

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  1. You are a busy girl! I can't wait to see you. Mom said, "If Ariel can come home Mother's Day weekend, she can come to Serena's Bat Mitzvah." I'll be in Spokane for Kari's shower that weekend anyway, so I'm thinking of going Friday night at least.

    I saw Rena too and she is looking good.


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