Saturday, April 3

Date Night!

Dan and I don't go out very often. We are happy to be at home, however, it's good to get out when the mood strikes us. So we did, and it was great. We watched a matinee of Alice in Wonderland and ate at Thai Taste after. Yay and yum.

The movie was wonderful! The images, colors, imagination - all of it was a treat to watch. Dan was happy that the characters were balanced; the big name artists didn't drown out the smaller. Thai food is always good, and there are left overs!

This morning Dan and I walked to the Farmers Market, the first one of the year down by the Murdale post office. It was small, as to be expected this early, but everyone was chatty and happy to be outside. Jam, jewelry, meat, bird houses, and plants. Dan expected to bring home something from The Baker, and there is now a rhubarb kuchen sitting on the counter.

The windows are all open and Kodak is meowing to go outside. My seeds are sprouting, and flowers from past renters have started to show as well. It's a nice Spring day in Carbondale. This afternoon I've decided to sew a little something.

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  1. Check out this blog for some interesting little project ideas:

    Love the kiddie bag for cleaning up!


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