Tuesday, March 30

Six months early?

Carbondale was pretty today. Sunny, about 65. I ate my lunch outside at one of the metal tables, with my sun glasses on and Welcome to the Monkey House patiently waiting for me to finish eating. There were runners and bikers going all about; this sunshine makes doing something almost necessary (proof: Dan and I walked, together, to the grocery store.)

Dan got some unwelcome news today. SIU won't be offering a class he was expecting to be offered next spring, and now his plans for the next two semesters are thrown off. He wasn't able to find the people he needed to talk to today at the school, but hopefully tomorrow will make them appear. In the mean time, all sorts of worrisome thoughts came to the forefront, loads of what-ifs and if-thens. I'm jumping to conclusions by sharing, but if the best-case-senario plan works out, Dan's Semester Away course would be pushed to Spring, (in Springfield instead of Jackson, MO) and we would be going back to Bloomington at the end of next fall's semester. Dan would commute from there to Springfield, with the hopes of not having any responsibilities in Carbondale.

Like I said, I am jumping the gun, as that may not be an option after talking to who he needs to talk to, but it's what we're hoping works out. If not, then, well, Dan will be really sad, he won't get the classes he wants/needs, and we'll stick it out in Carbondale as first planned.

But if it does work out...!!! We would be in Blono (read: closer to friends and family) six months earlier.

Other things that happened today:

  • Trish accepted an offer on her house! Congrats!
  • Kodak did adventure outside, for a good four minutes.
  • A customer saw my apron at work and is coming back to talk about having one made for her ("There are just no cute aprons out there!") which then lead me to thinking more seriously about...
  • planning to sell things I make


  1. etsy is good. we buy a lot from there.

  2. Sell, baby, sell!

    And I hope things work out for everyone involved with the classes. What would that mean for you job wise?


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