Wednesday, March 10

It's been a minute

Be rest assured you haven't missed anything. It feels like I'm either working, reading, or sleeping. PS, I'm usually asleep by 8:30 now. When did that become routine?

I just finished my first solo week at Common Grounds, with Alec being gone, and me answering questions for "the Manager." I like it. It's good. Also, this week is spring break at SIU, and things have slowed down. I am getting a feel of what the summer business will be like, with just town folk coming in.

The sun is out. I planted some seeds (probably too early), and I'm happy to have the windows open. It rained yesterday. I heard a bit of Washington and Juneau creep in the day somewhere, and today I can't help but miss them.

Other things: After finishing Neal Stephenson's book Anathem, Dan bought me a copy of Dune, raved as one of the best science fiction novels ever written. I'm zooming through it. I don't know if it's the best, as I just getting into the genre's mainstays, but it is worth reading.

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