Monday, March 1

Jam = very yes

Mana from Mail Heaven came today.

I walked in the front door about five minutes after Dan got home. I was grinning because there were two pieces of mail for me that were in the mail box, and I was half way through reading the first note. Dan asks, "What'd we get in the mail?" "It's all for me today!" I am not shy about my love for mail. Apparently I misheard him, because I look down at my feet and there are two huge boxes sitting there! One box from Johnson to Johnson, and one from Swift to Swift. It was like Christmas.

With my sister moving in six months, she is currently whittling down some of her stashes. Today, I got snippets of her jam stash and her fabric stash. Dan was understandably more excited about the bounty of jam that came, and not so much the pretty fabric. As happenstance was in the air, Dan also received a bit of cloth and some tasty treats, although, technically, the treats were sent to me, and it is at my digression the amount of sharing I deem sufficient. Pants and Pecans for Dan, fabric and jam for me. Everyone is happy!

The cats then played with the boxes for the next 45 minutes.

1 comment:

  1. Jam is awesome. Cats in boxes might be awesome (may also be in an unknowable state of death/life)


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