Sunday, March 28

Bloomington Weekend #2

I'm at the Coffee House in Normal this morning. Rain forest crunch granola and coffee. I'll go home today after I meet Kristy and Trish for lunch.

I started the day by cleaning out the last of un-necessaries from the second bedroom, and collected some books I've been wanting from the shelf. I noticed I still had Bob Steinman's copies of Simone de Beauvoir's The Woman Destroyed and She Came to Stay.

It seems the universe and I were in tune for a while. As I was driving through the maze of streets that Normal has deemed it's "uptown," I saw Bob and Anne pulling into the Medici. I quickly pulled over, popped out, grabbed his books and said hello. It was a nice couple minutes, with hugs and questions about Alaska. After all of the drama with Medici, I'm glad Bob and I came to an understanding about many things, and I can honestly say I'm friends with one of the crankiest men in Blono.

My reason for coming up this weekend was to say goodbye to my friend Danny Reid. He and another friend, Sam, are moving to Fairfield, California, where Danny's precious girlfriend is stationed. I'm completely excited for all of them!

A perk of being up for the weekend (besides seeing some of my favorite people) was attending ISU Pride Drag Show for the first time. It was amazing to have student performers gathering the courage to get in front of such a huge crowd along side some truly talented professional queens. I didn't take photos, but wow. Afterward the party was at the Bistro, where I stayed only long enough to have a picture taken with Kristy, get her chest unwrapped, and visit with Trish for a bit. The picture is a bit creepy, as Kristy was still in her John Wayne Gacy outfit - so be warned:

I'll drive back down to Carbondale, listening to podcasts and the beginning of Neil Geiman's The Graveyard Book. The four hours will go fast, I hope.


  1. let me know what you think of the Graveyard Book. I keep meaning to read it, and keep forgetting.


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