Saturday, March 20

A year of blogging!

A year ago I started on my way to Alaska. I was packing up my things after a week with Dan, and heading through states I'd never seen on my way to my best friend, the always remarkable, Sarah Rupke. I can't believe it's been a year! I am so happy to have done and seen so many things! I'm happy to have quit my job at Medici. It makes me feel empowered to know I can find a way to pay my bills and be happy, not stressed with an eye twitch and unable to spend time with important people in my life.

I'm trying to see my friends. At this moment, two of my besties are together in Phoenix. Sarah at her house, and Rena is traveling through after having some doctor's visits and surgery. *Side note* Have I ever introduced Rena to you?
She is a wonderful, energetic, life-loving lady I met when I was going to Church at Life Center while in high school/early college. We ran into each other and pretty much stuck. She is a talented web designer (you can see at and great to have in your corner. **

I'm not going to go to AZ, but there is a chance to visit Sarah in June while she's home in Massachusetts, and maybe see Rena if Dan and I get a chance to head to Spokane before the summer is out. But. That and the trip to Guatemala is a lot of time away, and I don't know of any business people that would allow an employee that much time off. I'll try. I want to see my people!

The other item that might make all that difficult, is the possibility of getting a second job. Common Grounds it great, but this whole recession thing puts a damper on things. My condo is without a renter, and I can't wait around until hoping that more ads will do the trick. Plan B is another job. On the job hunt again!

Thanks to everyone for the comments and support over the last year. Originally this was intended to keep people I care about informed about my time in Alaska, but that has come and gone. I said before I don't really know what this blog will continue to be, but I like having it, and I'm told you like reading it. So thanks.

For a sewing update, here is the bag I gave Ciara when she was here visiting. It's hard to see all of the details, but Ciara likes it, and that's all that matters!

I'm making an apron for one of my girls at the shop this weekend. Here are the materials. I love these fabrics! It was hard to part with them!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. love the bag and the apron - fun colors :) a year ago - wow life changes in a year. i wonder what a year without change would be. take care you - miss you always!


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