Friday, April 29

Chicago venues

Dan and I are up in Chicago this weekend visiting the family and looking around at a few places where we might like to have our wedding. One down, two more to go.

Tonight we also got to talk with his parents about guests lists, fun old stories, and air out whims and ideas about wedding stuff. I'm still very relaxed about wedding ideas and plans, but after talking with Linda and Gus tonight, I feel very thankful that I can ask them just about anything about the wedding and they will have some idea of how to or who can help. I admitted that my fault in wedding planning won't be that I'll freak out over "the timing of the doves being released," as was an example that Gus suggested (no we aren't releasing doves), but instead that I won't think about the things that I probably should be thinking about.

Any help is welcome, any suggestion is up for consideration.

Dan and I agree that as long as our friends and family come, there is something to eat, something to drink, and music to dance to, all will be fine. We don't need a lot to make it a memorable night. I'm sure some of the toasts that will be said will take care of at least a bit of the entertainment!

I threw out the ides of having a Dinosaur themed wedding a while back, and I'm still a fan of the "Rawr means I love you in dinosaur" pins I found on Etsy, but I doubt that will actually be the theme. However, I'm sure what we have will be equally awesome.


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