Saturday, April 30

Stuff in the House

I love this blue couch! (seen here). Straight lines, bright color, sturdy material. I have a wicker couch I love, but when I see this It makes me want more color in my house. I've been looking at the house a lot lately. With the baby coming I see everything in it as treacherous. I have to implement any change slowly. Dan and I have differ most in our approach to stuff - he likes to keep it, I like to get rid of it. But I have a plan. While Dan is taking his barbri classes, I'll have my opportunity to get the bellows of the house cleared out and moved around. Change is easier if he doesn't see it in progress - just the conclusion.

My parents are traveling to Illinois soon to celebrate my brother and his wife's graduations. Two PhDs! Woohoo! With all of the excitement, I've been looking around the house just wishing I could get rid of half of the stuff that is there. It feels crowded already, and there isn't anyone here visiting yet! Friends! If you are planning a yard sale let me know!

And just as I saw I want to get rid of stuff, the other half of me is thinking about all of the stuff that will soon be added to my life. Car seats, kids clothes, bottles, diapers. It has to go somewhere. After Graduation, Miah and Jessie are moving the family to Boston and we're planning a baby-gear handoff. I'm sure there will be photos.

Here is come cuteness to end the day: rabbits! (Seen Here) Baby stuff is just sometimes too overwhelmingly cute. It blows my mind.

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