Monday, August 27

Wedding photos

I'm starting to go through wedding photos.  It's a long and slow process.  There are hundreds to sort and pick through.  I just posted some at Swiftly Wed.  Take a look!

Tuesday, August 14

Engagement Photos?

A few weeks before our wedding ceremony, Dan and I met with our photographer to get to know one another.  I hesitate to call them engagement photos.  It was casual, and I think it helped our wedding photos having had this little session under our belt. 

We were at The Navy Pier on a cold, rainy day, but we didn't let it damped our spirits (he he.)

This is us, back in the beginning of May.  Oh and our photographer was Yvette Marie Dostani.  She was GREAT to work with.

Wednesday, August 1


Today, Wednesday, Dan takes Harper to her friend's house for a play time, and he goes to Prairie Legal Aid.  For four hours. 

Today, instead of working the afternoon away, I went and got a pedicure and it was glorious.  And the part I like the most isn't even having my nails done.  I would pay just as much money to sit in the massage chairs for an hour (yes!  They take an hour to do my nails!).  I love those stinkin' chairs.

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