Tuesday, November 18

Polar Vortex Part Deux

I wrote this about today for an assignment:

It is a freezing day.  And yesterday.  The temp is in the ‘teens and with the wind chill, Chicago is in the negative numbers already.  The air hurts my face as I take my daughter to daycare.  We drove past Lake Michigan at the 57th street turn signal, and I told my daughter she should look at the water – it was making clouds. 
The lake was warmer than the air, and it looked like steam was rising in a lazy dance up to the low clouds that were slowly collecting.  It was amazing. 
I spent the early afternoon taking a CPR class in a northern suburb, and on the way home, the radio said there will be snow tonight.  It was still freezing at this point, but while stopped at a light on my way to the grocery store for supplies, I could close my eyes to the sun beaming in on me.  My whole face felt perfectly happy.  Just an hour later, it was gloom and doom, and when I picked up my daughter from daycare, we made a mad dash so our snot didn’t freeze.  
Now I’m getting done with my motherhood role (check, I was awesome) and am tackling my business.  I’m sitting in a tank top with the windows OPEN because, wouldn’t you know it, our building’s boiler is incredible.  My poor plants.  If I forget to water them a day they suffer for it. 
I don’t yet know if we’ll get the snow, but how do I tell my body to prepare for it when it is sitting here looking for a fancy tiki drink to match this biodome-sauna?

I just wrote a blog about what winter fun we could have in Chicago this winter,
but if it is anything like last winter, with day after day of sub-zero temperature, I'll need to make a much different post:  Is cabin fever worth it if it means keeping your face? 

Monday, November 3

Placenta Encaps-a-what?

Women are having babies and then...

If you are some women, you encapsulate your placenta and you ingest it.  That's right. You eat it.  Here are some reasons why women are choosing this particular insurance policy.  

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