Wednesday, February 16

My V day

I am happy to say I didn't fall into a chocolate induced coma this year for Valentine's day. D and I decided to try out luck going out for dinner at Destihl, and were successful: a table with no wait and no reservation. One of our dear friends was working, which was a perk, and the food was wonderful.

Instead of chocolate, or some other typical valentine's day gift, D gave me a pound of meat. Peppered turkey, to be specific. A few weeks ago we were listening to Tony Kornheiser's podcast and they were joking about giving meat to women as a gift, instead of the typical chocolate, jewelry, etc. I turned to D and said, "I'd be happy with some meat." I didn't think he heard me. I just laughed when I opened it. It was perfect.

D's mom sent us these cards. They are so cute I had to share them! I hope you had a great V-day too!

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