Wednesday, December 14

New Art!

For the past two years, I've been going to ISU's sales.  They have all been great fun, feeling like a mix between visiting an art gallery and thrift shopping.  Students from the print classes sell their pieces at the end of the semester, and in the past I've been very happy with the pieces I've added to my walls.  (Here is my post from last year...)

This year, I invited Dan to go along.  It was colder this year, and it was a new challenge taking Harper (I decided to strap her on and walk her in as I'm not a big fan of carrying her in her car seat if I don't have to).  Dan and I found some pieces we both liked and at some point we will get them framed (along with "The Truce" by Jay Ryan that will go up in Harper's room).
The Truce

An unexpected addition to our walls was a piece that was from the print sale, on display in the silent auction.  Dan got the phone call that his bid won, and today we went by and picked it up.  Dan and I are both fans of Greek mythology, and the work itself is quite appealing (to us at least!).

Golden Apples of the Hesperides

Hercules is now watching over us from behind the sofa.  It's called "Golden Apples of the Hesper ides" by Rudy Pozzatti.  It a bit surreal to have won it, but we are happy (I'm sorry my photo doesn't do it better service...)!

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