Saturday, February 18

Bra Donation?

***Heads up,  I'm talking about bras and boobs in this.  It may not be the post for you.***

I didn't think I was going to learn about domestic violence today, but because the weather was nice, and Dan took a nap, I found out about a program that I think is wonderful.

What happened today was I got fed up with my bras.  People (women) don't really talk about bras, unless it's the Victoria's Secret fashion show or it's near valentine's day.  But event then, it's more about the event then the bras themselves.  And because of this, a lot of women don't know how a bra should fit.  I know I don't.

In the March 2012 Good Housekeeping, there is an article about bra fit, and what to look for.  Since having Harper, I've been paying more attention to my breasts then I ever have before: pumping, leaking, feeding.  Every 3-4 hours, I have to do something with them or get something from them.  According to Good Housekeeping, none of my bras fit "correctly" (and who argues with Good Housekeeping?)  And honestly, before now, I haven't really cared if they did.

I have hated bra shopping.  A lot of that came from me hating my body.  A lot of it came from the expense of a good bra.  Give me a good deal over good fit any day!   ...until now.  After pulling and tugging and draining and comforting, I made the decision to stop being a cheap skate, and get a good bra, damnit!

I went to Soma today.  I liked their site, and their focus on good fit.  Plus, they are in an open air mall - much preferred over the actual mall.  It was sunny today, and I wanted to get Harper out of the house, so while Dan took a nap, I went and bought light bulb, coffee, and some new bras. 

A good 45 minutes at the store and I got set up right.  Turns out I was wearing the wrong size (not really a surprise).   I had to try on a few to get to that point, which leads me to the domestic violence part of my post...

Soma is having a bra donation drive now through the 26th.  They are pairing up with National Network to End Domestic Violence. 

When many women choose to leave an abusive relationship, often they choose suddenly, and leave with only the clothes they are wearing.  They then, often times, rely on shelters for clothing.  Bras are one of the least donated pieces of clothing.  And as I pointed out, they are also expensive.

  While I was in the dressing room, I over heard one of the sales women talking about the donation program, and how their store will reach 700 bras for donation.  And this is just one store!

Well, maybe this is all TMI on my part, but look beyond that.  I think this program is great.  This is the 4th year Soma has been doing it and I hope it continues.  If giving a bra will help encourage a woman to leave a harmful situation, then I'm in.  I am fortunate in my relationship to not need this, but there are thousands of women who aren't.  Two snaps for Soma for bringing awareness to domestic violence, and for doing something to help the women who are brave and leave their abusive partners.


  1. rock star - i learned the whole bra fit thing from Oprah and its kinda life changing haha! I like this though because I have a ton of bras that dont fit, but I have never gotten rid of them. Now I am going to find a shelter to give them to, or see if I can find a Sonoma store around here that is doing that. Thanks!!!

  2. side note - i realize this is from February, so its over, but still I'll do a little research and see what I can do about giving away some of mine :O)

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