Saturday, February 28

Last night in the house

I went with Danny to the new theater and saw Coraline. It made me want to dye my hair blue and get more knee-high striped socks. The theater was pretty lame, with, in my opinion, loads of potential movie-goer management issues. Small lobby! Weird outside/inside ticket window that people don't know what to do with! One ticket-taking entrance! I probably won't go back there to see a movie.

After the movie was Kristy's Drag show, which from what I saw of it, was freakin' awesome. Kristy and Val were amazing, as always, but it seemed like they were even more comfortable on stage than they usually are. That and the crowd had new faces, as there were two first time Kings from Springfield performing. If I weren't musically delinquent, I'd tell you what songs they performed, but I'm lacking in both memory and with-it-ness.

And it was my last night in my house until I come back from Alaska. It's still a disaster, by my standards, and I'm pretty sure one of my lovely friends who have offered to store stuff for me will be taken up on that. And it's not even because I'm trying to take my life to Juneau. No, I'm just trying to give my renter what I feel she paid for, like closet space. So there may be a box of Ariel's crap that needs a home after I unpack it and really look at what I'll be taking.

With all this running through my head, I anticipated the end of my evening to be a bit meloncholy. I got some kitty love, read my book, had a conversation with Dan, and had a good cry. I'm a cryer. There. I admit it. Again.

I couldn't be more excited to start this whole crazy trip, but I'm not one that deals well with Lasts. Last days, last conversations, last chapters, last dribbles of coffee. And part of all this is I have no idea what is waiting for me when I come back here. I've got no clear plan. So, Universe, I'm available. Do with me what you will. Give me an opportunity and I'm pretty sure I'll take it. What else am I going to do in the mean time?

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