Sunday, March 1

March 1st. The above picture is my life now: two duffel bags, a guitar (that my good friend Chuck agreed to take care of for me), two cats, and a bag of maps.

The cats have taken to Alex's house quite well. Baxter was fully settled about 14 minutes after walking into the house, while Kodak is still anxious about almost everything. The happy moment was when they discovered stairs for the first time. I swear I could see their little kitty lips smiling every time they ran up and down and up, and down, and up and down, and up. Alex also has many more areas for napping and perching, like this one,

<------- And this one.

I'm pretty sure B and K would stay with Alex forever this place is so great. I'm going to Chicago for a few days next week, and I'm sure Alex is going to use the four days to cement his spot as King of their universe.

Tonight is L Word with the ladies. I hear pizza and beer are offered. As if being annoyed with the amount of Jenny shenanigans the show cooks up isn't enough to go! Plus, I am hoping Kristy will be up for recounting her side of the Drag Show. Her last number was Mr. Roboto, full out with silver paint from head to toe.

14 Days and counting!

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