Tuesday, March 10

Some bird analogies for you.

Days, really a collection of moments, until I embark on my trip, and I get another email from my renter's company saying there are more forms to fill out before I can be paid. I'm getting impatient and frustrated at the amount of geese I'm being made to chase for this. The idea for me to work with her company was to alleviate these types of frustrations, but no, it has been a big mess so far. Thankfully Dan's house is equipped with the necessary technology to squelch their vicious thirst for documentation, and I can hope that soon the necessary funds will be dropped electronically into my world.

I also had a conversation with a home-owner in Juneau that is looking to rent out rooms for drivers. He wasn't opposed to having cats, but said that can be discussed in a later conversation. He was currently occupied in a meeting, but perhaps later tonight or tomorrow I can go to Juneau knowing I have a place to stay once I get there! With how things have been going, I'm not counting any eggs before they've hatched.

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