Tuesday, March 3

Decaf coffee is like kissing your sister.

The USBC is this weekend in Portland. The list of competitors is awesome. I want to go so bad! I'm excited to see the growth of the competition, even in just the last two years. I can't help but wonder what they'll be like when I get back into competing.

I just took a turn through all of the job postings on coffee.com and got ancy. I could move to Oregon, Edmondton, or where ever else! I want to get back in a shop where the owners and baristas have something to teach, and are passionate about teaching. Or at least are curious and experimental. For me, like with playing the guitar, being around baristas that are better than I am makes it interesting, helps me retain information. I feel like I can get my foot in the door at any of these places, but it's not quite right. The idea of me starting something new to take into the long-term without Dan seems hollow. It's good then that I don't have to.

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