Wednesday, March 4

Back on.

I spoke with my bro. Alaska is back on! He reassured me that I would be of much help to him, Jessie, and in general, whenever I was available to give it. He told me the schedule for all of the family to visit, both pre- and postpartum. Seems like they will be fully staffed for quite sometime. Baby days are in my future!

I'll probably come back to IL earlier than I had planned to help relieve stress and do what I can to keep Ben occupied. I offered to be hands too, for walking Payton, grocery shopping, whatever. He said that was awesome. I'm still thinking seriously about moving to Champaign when I get back. But who knows what will be going on in the coffee world, the economic world, my world, Dan's world, etc. One big mystery!

Tonight I said goodbye to some familiar faces at Medici's Wednesday Warrior night. Had dinner with Kristy and Ashley (who took this picture, one silly one of many, I assure you.), then did the rounds with the usual folks. Chris Longton made me feel like a princess at the end, charging down the back run of the bar and swooping me up to give me a giant hug. I don't know when I'll ever see him again. He and Amanda are moving to either Oregon or Arizona before I get back, and that is both exciting and sad. He wrote to me while he was in Alaska last year, and I don't see any reason why I won't write him, but no more "Miss Ariel's" in person, or silly jokes with my beer. He made my time with Medici a little easier, and I'm glad he's my friend.

But, the adventure is on again, and that means no more pussy-footing around some stuff. I have just a few details to align before being set for launch, and beginning my trek on March 15th. Yay!

Here's another silly picture, just for good measure.

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