Tuesday, March 3

Auntie Ariel x2

Miah and Jessie are having their second baby, sometime in the beginning of September!

This makes me want to hang around and be here for the delivery. Things change so fast. So fast! One second I want to be three thousand miles away, and the next I want to stay put.

I got to be in the room when Jessie was in labor with Benjamin, and then stayed in the room in the hospital those first days to help, run for needed things, and help entertain Jessie's mom. I was honored to be allowed to witness those first parenting moments. It made me love my brother, be so proud of him, knowing that he was going to be an amazing father. And he is! And Jessie is so good with Ben. Consistent, encouraging, and loving. That kid is lucky to have them. Now someone else will grow with that warm love and environment!

I've been a far too distant auntie for Ben. Of all the people that want to be around them, I'm the closest and I've been occupied for most of it with time consuming jobs and excuses. I don't want that anymore. Maybe I should move to Champaigne now that I have the chance and be there to help. Maybe this won't be a blog about going to Alaska.

Life can be however I want it. Right now. I get to choose.

This is me holding Ben a few hours after he was born.

And again last fall.

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