Monday, March 23

Carbondale, IL to Monett, MO

Start: Carbondale, IL. 1pm
End: Monett, MO. 9pm ish

I had a teary farewell with Dan, and got going with the kitties. I have lots of time to enjoy my trip to Arizona, so I started off heading farther south on 51 then took lots of loopy roads through the Ozark mountains. I never imagined Missouri being so beautiful. The sun was setting and the wind was blowing. The cats were so good, sleeping for most of it.

I listened to a book on CD that Trish was nice enough to give me and took lots of stops to enjoy the views.

Got up to speed with Sarah, and of course, she is super accommodating, and excited I'm just 15 driving hours away from her. Yay! I get to see my Sarah soon! It has been far too long.

1 comment:

  1. ok, 1) i hope you had a safe day of driving today! 2. i miss you and 3. the little captcha below is the word "Devin" hahaha



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