Monday, March 2

Getting organized

Yeah, until I actually do something exciting, this blog is going to have a lot of cat pictures in it.

Went to the Hyundai dealership this morning to have my passenger airbag replaced. They were nice enough to send a purple post card informing me of the recall. I will sleep soundly tonight knowing that my future passengers will be protected. Sorry to all you who rode with me and unknowingly risked your life. See I'm an adventure! Just riding in my car was risking your life!

Hyundai was also nice enough to tell me my car needs attention. One thing on the list sounded legit, and I'll go to my guy/call my dad to get the scoop on tie rods, but the other stuff is all suspicious.

I was sitting in the waiting room writing in my journal, making lists, listening to the Today show. There was a Mom and son throwing toys into the toy chest, dumping them out and doing it all again. A dude was reading the newspaper. A woman in beige pumps was glaring at a spot on the carpet. Ms. Beige Pumps was there just after I sat down, just getting an oil change. Renee, the brain of the shop reception desk, came in and listed off some technical jargon that Ms. Beige frowned to, which boiled down to the transmission fluid was old and too acidic, and it should be changed - flushed rather (because I found out that is $90 dollars more to clean the lines too). It would take about 30 minutes. Beige agreed to it reluctantly.

I would hate to be Renee. Everyone skeptical of what she says. Trying to help, trying to make money for the shop, trying to sound unbiased. Renee didn't come to talk to me about my list of "needed attention." A man named John did. John must be new. John gave me all the prices for the service (which they've never done for me before, even when I ask) and when I looked at him and said everything seemed more expensive than it should, he agreed. I said I would take his quote with me, thank you, and I'll be on my way.

Tomorrow will be car repair day, part 2, in which I get my oil changed, tires rotated and aligned. Exciting!

Like I said, the most interesting thing about this blog will be cat pictures for a little while.

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