Sunday, March 15

Bloomington to Carbondale

Start: Bloomington, IL 1:15pm Central Time
End: Carbondale, IL 5:55pm Central Time

Miles: 202

This is Kodak. Finally tucked in and accepting of the fact that meowing constantly will not make the car stop moving. I left Bloomington this afternoon, and for the first 2 hours, both Kodak and Baxter were having a serious problem adjusting to life in a car. They were panting and pacing (as best they can in a sedan), and for a bit, I had several back up plans ready to go in affect if they could not take the stress of being cooped. I stopped twice to rearrange stuff, making more nooks to hide in, and once to get their heart rates down. Once they could hide in small dark spaces, they both zonked out and napped the rest of the way. Whew!

It seems it was a combination of "look out post" and "contained safe space" that got them to simmer. Only one such place existed in the car to begin with.

It's official. They crazy cat lady is dragging her beasts around, down, up and through the country. First, we'll be keeping Dan company for a week. A wonderful, glorious week.

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