Friday, November 27

A happy reunion

After all the mess of my computer flaking out and being brought back to life, I was sad when I found out I didn't save one of my favorite gifts of all time. Last year for Christmas, my dear friend, Danny Reid, made me a story to help me get over the pain and anger I was dealing with in quitting my job, and to help me remember that I have better things in my future. He was kind enough to share the website again, and I can't help but share it with you too. It's called The Coffee Tree, and, you can probably tell, it's inspired by The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. You can visit it here.

I can't wait to open my shop and have this mounted on clear cells on a wall.

Thanks again D!


  1. thanks again - this was wonderful!!! t's a cool day in the desert and actually smells like a hint of fall is in the air...of course everywhere else it smells like winter haha! Okay Christmas tree time and lights! Thanks again for keeping this going - keeps me in the know with my favorite Ariel...YOU! :O) O and tell Dan hi!

  2. I have to say that this is probably one of the best things he's done. I'm eager to see what he's working on now...


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