Sunday, November 1

I wish I could use my weekend productivity on job applications.

Happy November! Did you all enjoy some sort of trickery or shenanigans? No trick-o-treating in my neighborhood, but I did get a bag of fun size Payday candy bars, which, I will happily work my way through. My evening was a whole lot of baseball. Game three of the world series.

I'm still in the sorting and organizing stage down here in Carbondale. I moved more boxes around, unpacked and threw stuff away, rearranged the furniture. Dan just laughs. He lets me borrow his muscles if I need them, but that's the other great thing about wood floors - things slide so easy!

Made mom's baked chicken and rice on Friday, blueberry pancakes yesterday, and a huge pot of chili today. It iscurrently stewing away in the crock pot making the house smell awesome. My dad gave me an extremely large bag of Minnesotan wild rice last year, and I've just now gotten around to cooking some. I can't image eating it on it's own, but when added to regular rice, it adds such a nice flavor and color variety.

I printed some photos to update my family frames, applied for both unemployment and a few jobs, and hung up more art.

Everything is chill.

Four more weeks of Nanny-ing.

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