Thursday, October 29

More space!

I have no idea if I can put shelves up in our apartment, but I really really want to. These floor to ceiling shelves (via Bliss) get me in the mood to copy them. And I could have all my books out! Hum...I wish I had a circular saw.

I'm leaving Champaign after another lovely four days with my family. It has been a happy world of time with my niece and nephew and then time with Dan. I'm not used to so much time with people I love so much. But practice makes perfect!

Happy Halloween everyone!

1 comment:

  1. I was about to say how much I loved your new shelves, then realized it was not your new digs. Shelving for book people really is a problem that needs to be solved!

    I keep taking books I will never read again to Powell's, but they won't take about 50% of them so I feel stuck. I'm not quite to the place that will let me give them to Goodwill yet. Maybe I will be soon because the stacks of boxes are driving me nuts!


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