Tuesday, October 13

Bugs are fun

Apparently, Ben hasn't been a big fan of creepy crawly things. I'm happy to say I showed him a fun side of insect world today. I introduced the rollie pollie bug!

During outside playtime #2 for the day, we tried out Ben's new shoes in a damp corner of the yard where there is a stump slowly decaying. There were a couple sticks laying around, so we did what any respectable babysitter/toddler would do - we started smacking the tar out of the stump. Bits of if flew all over the place - it having been there for quite sometime - and the bugs were a plenty!

There is nothing quite like poking bugs and watching them roll up to protect themselves. Ben had never willingly held a bug before today. Hopefully I haven't started something I'll get in trouble for later.

The neighbor kids came over too and all four of us had a great time smacking and whacking the stump. Good ol' country fun in the middle of Champaign.

And it's official. I'm out of practice with the nanny stuff. I am tired!

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