Saturday, October 3

Portland fun with the family

My assignment today was to take pictures of Adam and Ciara for their 8 year anniversary of their first date. Cute right?

We went down town and did the deed, which is always a bit more painful for Adam than the rest of us. He is cursed with a plastic smile. He gets teased about it, he teases himself about it, it happens, and life goes on. I was hoping to have a photo turn out where he was looking natural, but I wasn't going to have my heart broken if it didn't work. I mean, I'm not a professional (I'm not really even an amature!) so the bar was set pretty low. Here are some that came out. I was glad there was more than one Ciara liked, as she is the reason this whole rodeo went down.

They don't look like senior pictures! Yay!

Mom and Ciara are off a the Portland Ballet at the moment watching the legendary Barishnikov. Tomorrow Mom and I will drive to Spokane, Monday I'll do some stuff for Dad, and Tuesday I'm heading for Carbondale.

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