Sunday, October 18

I'm back in the world of the connected

What a great weekend in Bloomington! I got to see so many people, starting Wednesday evening at my welcome back party, then all weekend I was happy to catch up with lots of friends.

There was a little snag in the adventure as Wednesday night, sometime after leaving Lunkers, but before getting to my car, I lost my wallet (a span of less than 5 minutes and maybe 150 yards.) However, that was after a great gathering of people from many parts of my life here in Illinois. To be honest, I was totally overwhelmed by how many people showed, and felt bad that I didn't talk to everyone at the length that I wanted to before leaving to later obligations. But thanks everyone for coming! BN folks, Medici folks, ISU peeps, Coffee Hound family and those that came into my world through a friend of a friend of a friend - It was awesome!

Lunkers was the slower side of the night, with just a handful of people gathered to chat, sing a little karaoke, and drink some beers.

Then the weekend!

I love October for various reasons but in recent years, I've come to love the crossover from baseball to football. We get fall colors, cooler temperatures, baseball playoffs, football start ups, BBQs, homecomings, and to tie it all together, cute scarfs to top it off. Friday, I got most of those, as Val hosted an evening of Yankee/Angel playoff action. Who doesn't love sitting in a cozy basement drinking beer, snacking, and watching baseball? You know you do!

Saturday was more baseball. Quality time with Dan. Seeing Danny and David. Seeing John again, only at his new job (Yay John!). I decided it would be a good idea to meet Alex at 6:15 and cheer on the runners in this year's Town and Gown 5k. Silly Ariel! It was freezing! Alex and I stayed warm by dishing out hot plates of sarcasm to each other. Tell you what, that a few chuckles only gets you so far against mother nature.

Sunday was more Dan, coffee, football (!!!), Kristy, Alex, and a health dose of nap time thrown in the middle there somewhere.

And as you can tell, I'm posting an update, but what you can't see is that it's on my computer! Oliver has risen from the dead with the help of Jonathan, my super ninja computer friend that offered to just wipe the whole hard drive and reinstall the necessary drivers and programs. Yessssss!!!! It is so nice to turn it on and not have a million warning messages telling me - in as many words - that my computer is in the process of self destruction. Oliver just happily hums along now. Eager to do my bidding. I'm starting to really understand the power of knowing the right people.

Dan went back to Carbondale today. He was nice enough to come up this weekend and bring my passport so I had an identity again, and some things I forgot before leaving for Miah and Jessie's last week. I leave for Champaign tomorrow morning for four more days of playing with the kiddos. Sadly, Dad is leaving Illinois tomorrow morning, but I'm glad I get to see him one more time. I don't know when I'll see him next. I'm not planning any long road trips for my near future, that's for sure. : )

The only other exciting piece of news is that along with fixing my computer, Jonathan let me borrow a camera he had laying around, so I will be able to load photos of my life, both in Champaign and in Carbondale. You should see it! And you will!

Ok. Enough about me.


  1. The fact that you have a computer again is amazing! Adam's is dead in the water and mine is sooooo slooooow at nearly 10 years old I hardly ever turn the thing on. Do you think that I could put in a request ot your guru via you? A reserection of technology from the dead is always amazing!

  2. I think it would be a waste of time at ten years! His voodoo consisted of wiping it totally clean and reinstalling the programs and drivers. I'm sure Adam knows how to do that much. He seems pretty savvy.


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