Friday, October 23

Pecan Pie

For some reason Dan is afraid I won't be able to keep myself busy in the interim between Nanny time and the start of what ever new job I end up getting. "I'll be fine! I have lots of things I can do! Have I ever been bored when I've been here?" That is a big, fat, no.

Today was fun for me. I continued to unpack the things I brought down. My clothes are thankful to be on hangers again, after a year of being boxed up. My dad bought both my sister and I a copy of the cookbook The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen. The title is a bit frightening, but the book is actually quite good even for non-farm girls. Lots of great recipes, of course, but also craft projects, like aprons, utensil holding jars, cookbook sleeves, and other things that add a bit of cute to a kitchen. (I am not planning on adding said cute to our kitchen.)

There wasn't much food in the house when I showed up, so today was the great shopping adventure, which ended in a lunch of tortellini and sausage soup (which came out of the cookbook). Dinner also. As Dan was worrying about how I would stay busy (silly boy), we started talking about pie, and he said he would sponsor a pie adventure. And thus, because of the truck loads of pecans my father gave me last spring, I made my first pecan pie.

I made note of some things I'd change, but Dan assured me it would get eaten. I said I would start thinking about adding pie to my future coffee shop menu. That idea was well received as well. I'm not a big fan of fruit pies, so those of you who know good ones will have to help me there, but I'm excited to try my hand at coconut cream, key lime, and maybe a meringue. Strawberry rhubarb perhaps? Blackberry? This could get out of control pretty quick, I can see that now. I've just added a new position to my payroll and I haven't even found the spot I want it yet.

Get me started thinking about my shop and that in itself will keep me occupied for days!


  1. pecan pie sounds like it would go great with a cup of coffee in the morning.

    Also, pecan pie is, perhaps, one of the greatest culinary creations... ever.

  2. I'm really liking the idea of serving pie in my shop. You can help me a taste tester!

  3. Adam would vote for a Orange Merangue Pie... Like lemon merangue, but better. You'll need to get a good crust. It is the crust that makes or breaks a pie in my experience.


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