Monday, October 12

What to do with this blog now...

So friends, what do I do with this blog now that I'm not in Alaska anymore?

I moved to Carbondale on my return to Illinois. Well, I'm in the process of moving anyway. My plans got a little postponed as I am working four days a week in Champaign, but still. I am moving away from Bloomington/Normal is the big change. With that in mind, I won't be able to see a lot of the people that my blog was originally started for, so I say, I will keep going with my blog. It probably won't be as adventure-filled (if you call the ramblings of my tourism filled life an adventure), but it will be from me. It will be my letter to you, whoever you are, letting you know what's up.

Do I change the name? No. That seems to complicated. I probably will change the set up (again) and when I get a camera, I'll be sure to get more pictures loaded. Pronto! I'll have access to my dad's for another week, so I can get you some images of my life here in Champaign as a nanny.

Speaking of nanny-ing...

Day 1 was today! It was more of a reunion/meeting of the family, as Miah and Jessie were both home for the majority of the day. Dad and I went out to lunch while The Four went to Miah's office for a little party to celebrate the end of a project and to show off Cecilia.

My dad loves Bob Evans. Loves it! When ever he comes to town now, we eat there at least twice. He can't get enough of their biscuits. I've got to find a way to keep them fresh and send him some. Preferably in bulk, as Dad doesn't get on board for anything, unless it is done in bulk fashion. The man is a gem.

Cecilia is about the easiest baby I have been with. She is happy to sit and watch the world. When her pants need changed, she makes a little fuss, but once she's dry, she's good. Put some food in her every few hours, and she's like a little bobble head. Happy and cute! Soon she'll have the muscles to hold that cute little head up, but for now we're all enjoying her completely.

Benjamin will be fun. Two years old and tons of energy. We went for a walk, played in the yard, played with trains, read some books... after a few more days of him getting comfortable with me, we'll go to the library for story time and start some play groups. And craft! He has so much playdoh - even I'm excited to make oodles of colored noodles and punch outs!

I'll get some picts snapped here tomorrow or the next day.

Wednesday night Kristy is throwing me a welcome home party in Blo/No, so be excited for me for that too. I can't wait to see everyone!

Nanny Ariel, signing off.

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