Tuesday, November 16

Took a little break

I've been away from Carbondale, and the internet.

I drove up a load of my belongings to Bloomington, and had a great weekend with friends. Meryl and Renee had a birthday gathering, I got to brainstorm with Audrey about Sweet Pea's Treats, and coffee with Kristy was long overdue. I talked with the BN peeps about working again, and it seems I am welcome still.

I am running out of juice. I expelled a load of energy last week with confrontations and plans for a quickened escape from Carbondale. Monday and today I'm sluggish and unsettled. My computer is dying won't hold a charge or work while it's plugged in, so with being out of town and sharing D's computer, I'm not all that connected...and it's nice.

Packing and reading, playing with the kitties. Pretty simple.

My HAP interview will be Thursday or Friday.

I'm ready to be out of here.

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