Thursday, March 3

Bathroom DiY Day Two

Day two means the finish coat over yesterday's work. The area is a little wider to make the feathering easier. It will now dry over night then it will be ready for paint. Paint!

I looked through my paint stash, and I don't have any kitchen/bathroom paint. Being that condensation was the issue, I don't want to skimp on this layer, so I'll be repainting the bathroom. It isn't big, so one gallon will do.

Since I'll be repainting, another project was added to the list tonight. One of my past renters felt it would be a good idea to fasten the towel bar to the wall by using contact cement. A lot of it. I tried to use a blade to cut through the outer edge, but in the end, I had to rip the fixture off the wall. Bummer. Another hole. (This was also the exact point Dan decided to check on my progress and caught me holding the mount. Awesome. He just shook his head and turned around. I laughed. )

So here is how you use a patch kit!

First, remove loose edges of paint an paper, along with any loose bits of dry wall. Sand around the hole to create a textured surface that the patch will go against.

You can find various sizes of patches in your hardware store. Choose one that will cover the hole comfortably with an overlap of at least an inch.

Peel off the back and place the patch over the hole.

Start covering the patch by applying mud half on the patch and half off the patch, working your way around the patch. Add more mud until the entire patch is covered and feather the edge.

This is the first layer. Let this dry over night. I'll sand the edges then apply a second layer of mud.
So here are both projects, side-by-side. I'm so proud of my little projects! More tomorrow!

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