Thursday, June 16

Such a big day!

Today I found out two very exciting bits of news:

1 - Dan and I are expecting a little baby girl and
2 - the place and date we want for our wedding is booked and ours!

I had my 20 week sonogram and got to see all sorts of fantastic bits of baby. Hands were waving, her little heart was beating about 141 b/m, and she showed all of the bits that the doctor was looking for.

I called Dan to share the news after and he then shared that he and his mom were able to snatch up the date for our wedding next year. There was someone else that had their eye on it, but we were quick in getting the deposit down. Yes!

Both of these things seems to let the flood gates open - invitations, save the dates, nursery plans, and so much more! It's going to be an interesting year!

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