Thursday, June 23

Wedding cardigan? I love it!

I'm getting pretty excited about having a Book themed wedding plan. On a totally unrelated note, long ago, I thought about how great it would be to wear a sweater at my wedding. Unusual, but alas! I've found proof that it is both possible and lovely (and really, if you know me, it totally fits my style.) So here are some pictures!

I guess I shouldn't say that was completely unrelated, as when I think of some of my favorite book people, most of them also happen to be cardigan people. I don't know if I'd wear one through the whole ceremony, but it would be nice to have something for the exit that is a bit comfy.


  1. I have loved EVERY picture I have seen of cardigan wearing brides!!! If it wasn't likely to be so stinking hot on our day, I would have absolutely planned on one. I mean, I wear one almost every other day...why not my wedding day?!?! You could totally rock it!! :-)

  2. A soft pink cardigan over a white dress is adorable!

  3. Can anyone help me find the exact dress that the lady is wearing in the photo with the soft pink cardigan? My older sister is getting married and she absolutely loves that dress.


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