Sunday, April 15

A little of what I do

 A part of my job is doing fundraising with local schools and arts organizations though hosting bookfairs at our store.  It's hard to image what this actually looks like for some, so here are some pictures from our last go-round.

This school brought in a local celebrity with the school children- the Zoo Lady and her Zoo Crew.  They paint faces :)

 She isn't there for the whole bookfair, so when ever she comes the line to get her attention is constantly occupied.

 Besides face painting, I set up games, create scavenger hunts, and organize craft projects.  We encourage performances, and this day we had some from the music classes.

As workers, we love bookfair days.  There is always a tremendous amount of energy and excitement while they are going on.  It's great to help young people find a new book or series to spark their interest.  

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