Thursday, May 31

I got married!

Dan and I had our wedding this last Sunday.  It was such a special day!  This is a photo my best friend Sarah took of me while I was putting my earrings in.  I almost forgot to!  I'm so looking forward to seeing the photographer's shots from the day, but this one photo is quite possibly my favorite shot of me EVER.  Sarah you are amazing! 

Thank you to everyone who was there to celebrate with us, and to those who were celebrating in spirit!  We couldn't have made it through the bumps and hills without your support! 

More photos from my dad and Sarah over at SwiftlyWed.

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  1. I am clearly very behind on this blog in particular, but I am so glad you love this photo so much. I have to say its the best photo I think I have ever taken and its so picture perfect Ariel! Thanks for letting me be there with you for the special day again! I love being around to come in and out and check in on your life - miss you lots, love you always! I'm currently flying away from Chicago - I have decided I need to make these little fly throughs in Chicago more of a stop off and see you in south illi :D


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