Tuesday, July 17

Beginning of a new adventure - Momming

I'm quitting my job.  In three weeks I get to begin the journey of being a full time parent (not that it isn't full time right now!)

Dan and I have been discussing many things over the last few months, and we've decided to take the plunge into this scarry season of uncertainty.  Dan is still looking for a job, so me leaving mine isn't what most people would do in today's economy, but we are going to give this a go. 

I've been looking forward to being home with Harper since I first went back to work last February.  She is my sun and moon, and it breaks my heart to miss her small changes through out the day.  I never thought I would feel so strongly about being this type of mother, but I'm not ashamed of my decision. 

One of the additional perks of Momming (a word I like more that Stay-at-home Mom) is being able to blog more (maybe, I really don't know yet).  There may even be items in my Etsy shop again! 

I'm not putting the cart before the horse, but it wouldn't break my heart if I found time for that again. 

And so world, cheers to the next big thing in my life!  Momming!

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  1. Hi Friend,

    So glad you get to take on momming as a full time profession! I think you'll be busier momming than you were in the corporate world as you'll have time to take on many new adventures with Harper. I do hope that you will find some time to blog, as I appreciate catching up on life in the Swift family. We rarely get the opportunity to catch up in person and your posts always bring a smile to my face when I'm reading your work...rather than about my homework!

    As always, I wish you all the best!


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