Saturday, July 28

Great visit to see the fam!

Grandpa Glen!

Swings with Auntie Ciara!  We also visited the splash pad.  Harper is about to fall asleep in this picture.

Grandpa's coffee cups are great fun.

Cutie pie!

Her first drums.  It was quite a show too.

Harper and her Great Grandma Marburger and Grandma Ney

Great Grandma looks great for being 93.  It was a fun visit.

The whole visiting bunch. 

A little nap in the garden at mom's house.

Auntie Ciara and Uncle Adam!

Grandpa Martin

Riding the carousel with Grandpa Glen

She did alright while we were still, but it was a little scarey when it got moving. 

Harper and Claire Dormaier.  I was witness to Claire's birth, so to see her holding Harper 14 years later is too cool!

The Dormaier kids!  I baby sat Claire and Taylor when they were wee ones.   They are such cool kids now!

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