Wednesday, December 5


I tried my hand at making caramels (Thanks Martha Stewart for the info!).  It went alright.  I learned some things about what not to do after the caramels were made, but the making and eating all went off without a hitch. 

Ingredients and my Nook with recipe

Starting off.  It takes a while to get it up to the right temperature.  The recipe said about 15 minutes.  I didn't have my heat up for that, as it took about 35 for mine to reach the necessary 248 degrees.

Still cookin.

It was great to watch the bubbles as the consistency changed.

Getting more carmel-y

Almost there! 

As soon as it gets to temp, the recipe says to hall ass though the last steps (ie: add vanilla and salt, then pour into cookie sheet with greased paper)

Yummmm...Caramel.  Well, soon.  You let it sit for 8 HOURS, then you can cut it. 

Inspired by my sister's love of salted caramels, I thought to try it.  It was a win.

And then they got wrapped. 

It doesn't look like 120 caramels, does it?

One of the boxes for a friend

The ingredients list on the inside.

The boxes for Dan's workish party.

The got all dolled up for the holidays! 


  1. These look so wonderful. I'm incredibly jealous of the fun dress-ups the boxes got! Red sparkle tags? Multiple types of ribbon? Fun red labels? and a great box? Yes please.

    I'm going to look for a recipe that I can attempt here in a place with no heavy cream...

  2. love love love this - love december for the simple fact that everything becomes prettier and packaged in bright and glittery colors! Why dont we all do this more throughout the year - maybe something I will consider for 2013 :o)

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