Wednesday, July 28

Great news!

I just got word today that my wonderful sister is okay! There was a possibility that a spot on her brain, which was found when she was in the ICU for low sodium levels, could have been a type of cancer, but it's not! Hooray! We have been sitting with fingers twitching for a week but her doctors think is old scarring from some past head trauma (falling off a bike? Cheerleading? Having our brother use her for wrestling practice?) So, whew! It was great to her her voice on the phone today with a noticeable lack of stress and worry. This of course means she can get back to that other huge thing she was stressing about - moving to Turkey in 14 days!

Now that her brain is safe and sound in her noggin, I purchased my ticket to Juneau to make my own travel hopes a reality. On August 14th I'll be on my way back to beautiful Juneau, Alaska (it's 62 degrees there right now!). Yay! I'm so excited to see my friends, enjoy the scenery, be a part of that crazy tourism culture, and the beer. Holy cow, I miss Alaskan Brewery's beer. My boss had a taste of their Smoked Porter and their Oatmeal Stout when he was in Colorado a few weeks ago, and he made me promise to bring him back a bottle of each. How can I say no?!

I still don't know where I'm staying when I get there, but I'll bring my sleeping bag and camping pad, and I'm sure someone's floor will come available. :)


  1. Say "hello" to Kevin for me! I hope you have a great trip. Let dad know when you get home, as he has orders to send you more jam and the green fabric I have for you when you return. Can't have Dan eatin' up all the jam while you're gone!

  2. Awesome! Jam! Fabric!

    I'll for sure tell Kevin hello from you.


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