Friday, July 30

New Apron

I'm still so excited that my Etsy account is up and running. I've had a great response from friends and strangers both. And now that it's up, I have a place to turn my customers at Common Grounds to when they comment on the ones I wear when I'm Baristaing.

I'm calling this apron my Marmalade Apron because of all the orange that I used. I think the color orange makes one hugry, but I don't have a source for that info.

I used some of the fabrics my sister gave me in her last box to me - both the orange animal print and the orange flower for the pocket, and the ribbon too.

I went a little crazy on the pockets on this darker side. There are six! It was tricky to sew the layers in and secure it to the backing. I was thinking of a money belt when I was working on this one - maybe this is an apron for your next yard sale? Keep your bills and change with you in your apron/cash box! Or, just have lot of places to put your hands.

I've found I tend to favor right-handed pockets, as I'm right handed. I'm trying to not intentionally exclude all of those left-handed people in the world that also need a fabulous apron for projecting.

Dan and I started watching a series called The Sons of Anarchy. It's about a motorcycle gang in California and all of the drama they get involved in while smuggling guns and protecting the citizens of Charming (what a great name for a town.) The characters are crazy, the adventures are crazy, the plot lines are crazy, but we like it.

Also, Dan and I are great. Have I ever shared that he makes our coffee in the morning, and brings it to me, still groggy, in bed? It's one of the best ways to wake up. I think it tastes better that way too. I hope you have someone that does something wonderful for you.

July is almost over! Wowzers!


  1. I love the orange. The animals look adorible on the apron. As long as you keep some centered pockets, I think the Lefties will be okay.

  2. After using the fabric you sent, and then with more recent projects, I am even more frustrated that So Ill doesn't have anything but a JoAnns. Sometimes I think I should open a specialty fabric store - and then I remember I've got less than 6 months down here.

    Woohoo! Less than 6 months!


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